Reaching the World


At Prairie Baptist Church, we are striving to do our part to fulfill Christ’s commission to go “into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.” (Mark 16:15) Our church is privileged to support and partner with 34 missionaries and 4 ministries in 31 different countries around the world. Many of the missionaries we support are sent out by the following missions agencies: BIMI, BIO, BCPM, BWM, FBMI, MWBM, and WWNTBM.

We prayerfully, financially, and in some cases even physically, support missionaries in the following fields:

North America

image United States

image Canada

Central America

dr-lgflag Haiti

dr-lgflag Panama

South America

br-lgflag Argentina

br-lgflag Brazil

co-lgflag Chile

co-lgflag Colombia

pe-lgflag Peru

ns-lgflag Suriname

uy-lgflag Uruguay



fr-lgflag Belarus

fr-lgflag France

fr-lgflag Hungary

fr-lgflag Ireland

ro-lgflag Romania

sp-lgflag Spain

fr-lgflag Wales

Middle East

sy-lgflag Syria

is-lgflag Israel

is-lgflag Jordan

sa-lgflag Saudi Arabia


cb-lgflag Cambodia

ch-lgflag China

ja-lgflag India

ja-lgflag Indonesia

ja-lgflag Japan

ks-lgflag Laos

ks-lgflag Mongolia

rp-lgflag Philippines

ks-lgflag South Korea

rp-lgflag Thailand

South Pacific

as-lgflag Australia

nz-lgflag New Zealand

pp-lgflag Papua New Guinea



eg-lgflag Egypt

gh-lgflag Ghana

rw-lgflag Rwanda

ke-lgflag Ivory Coast

ke-lgflag Kenya

sf-lgflag South Africa

500px-Flag_of_the_Canary_Islands.svg Canary Islands

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